Gossen & Moisture Shield®

Deck building materials don’t have to be restricted to just using wood. There are other non-wood decking alternatives that you can use that look just as good and are much easier to maintain.


This durable blend of wood fibers and plastic weathers without disintegrating maintains its shape, does not shrink or expand, and will last the lifetime of the residence. It is dimensionally consistent, won't splinter, has no knotholes, is completely rot-resistant, and requires no annual sealing. Crowe Fence and Deck Supply carries many different brands of Composite decking. MoistureShield® being one of them.

MoistureShield® and LifeCycle® products are manufactured with a 50/50 blend of recycled wood fibers and plastics. As a company, A.E.R.T.( Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies), is able to save 271,808,511 pounds of waste from entering the country’s landfills every year. That equals 36 football fields stacked 10 feet high! In each 12’ board there is an average of 889 plastic grocery sacks or 92 plastic water jugs!

Low Maintenance Decking

Tough and beautiful, moisture-resistant MoistureShield® Composite Decking is made from 95% pre- and post-consumer recycled content for an environmentally friendly decking option. Providing peace of mind, A.E.R.T. warrants MoistureShield products against rot, decay and termite damage with a limited warranty ranging from 20 years to lifetime, depending on the product.

Because we manufacture MoistureShield products with a unique process that totally encapsulates wood fibers in polyethylene plastic, MoistureShield decking and railing is extremely durable. Unlike other composite decking materials that must be elevated, this encapsulation allows MoistureShield to have direct ground contact.

MoistureShield deck planks are extruded and allowed to cool slowly, which means they will not twist or warp. MoistureShield is non-toxic and does not require staining, painting or sealing. And, our boards retain their rich color, unlike many other materials that experience a greater degree of weathering.*

Available in a solid profile, this reversible board features a natural wood-grain texture on both sides, allowing use of either side of the board. In addition, the planks come with or without grooves to accommodate hidden fastening systems.

Depending on your project and budget, MoistureShield has a decking product line to fit your needs.


Gossen PVC decks are made of stain resistant deck materials, mold resistant deck materials, fade resistant deck materials, durable PVC deck material. Your Gossen PVC deck will hold up to the punishing sun, the expansion and contraction of freezing climates and the daily and seasonal dirt and grime that can build up on traditional deck surfaces. Heck even bugs will not eat Gossen's PVC deck materials.

Wood decking


Cedar, a member of the cypress family, is richly colored with heartwood can last anywhere from 9 to 30 years.


Redwood has a deep reddish brown color that deepens with age. It is fairly tight-grained and knot-free, lightweight yet strong. Redwood resists splintering and is less damaged by weathering than other woods with heartwood that can last over 30 years.


Ipe is a South American wood. Ipe is very durable and resists cupping, splintering and twisting. It is very strong and heavy, is low-maintenance, and will not shrink. Ipe only requires sealant on the ends, but homeowners may choose to seal the wood and maintain its natural color or allow it to weather to a silver-gray while remaining smooth and splinter-free. Ipe is extremely dense and should last over 25 years.


American mahogany has a beautiful, dark red appearance that will last for decades.

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